Friday, 7 November 2008

City 3 - 2 FC Twente: Player ratings

Hart: Another solid performance, did well from corners and it is good that he always tries to distribute the ball and start attacks tBoldhe minute he gets it. 7

Zabaleta: More animated than Corluka*. A few great challenges, but also was beaten a few times by Twente's Elia towards the end. One great burst forward on the counter attack. 6

(* I know he shouldn't always be compared to Corluka, but he was Hughes' direct replacement for him, and Corluka was the best right back we have had in a long time)

Richards: Made a few good tackles, but wasn't really noticed - I suppose this is a good thing. Was caught out for the first goal as he appealed for a free-kick, but he wasn't the only one. 6

Dunne: A good leader and sometimes you feel he is the person that stops the defence from collapsing. However, was directly at fault for the second goal - he lost his man in the crowded penalty area. 6

Garrido: You know things aren't right when he is your best defender. To be fair to him though, he made fantastic tackle to stop Twente's Kufo when he was through on goal, and looked less error-prone than Zabaleta. Hopefully his performances will stop Hughes from playing Richards at left back again. 7

Fernandes: Defensive midfielder for City can't be an easy job, as there isnt much help provided by the players in front of you but he aquitted himself pretty well. You will always get bundles of energy and endeavour from Fernandes, and he did not disappoint in this regard. 6

Ireland: Always prepared to put a foot in and showed this by winning the ball back several times in the first half. Also showed that he uses the ball very well with a number of key passes, and played the starring role in the midfield again. 8

Wright-Phillips: He took his goal very well and made a number of good runs, showing he had the beating of anyone he took on. However, sometimes there is so much emphasis on Robinho he gets overlooked. 7

Vassell: Anonymous. Needs to regain match fitness but I don't think he has the quality to play as many games for us this year as he did last year. 5

Jô: A quiet game, but glimpses of quality showed that he has what it takes - the back-heel to Wright-Phillips, the shot which was a flick and making a fool out of a Twente defender to make a scoring oppurtunity. 6

Robinho: For the first half he was ineffectual. But for the second half he was just brilliant. The second goal deserved to win any game, but it also gave him the confidence to try some outrageous skills, most of which came off. Some great runs on and off the ball provided him with two more chances to score, but he hit the post both times. 9 (10 for the second half)

Benjani: Worked very hard and may feature often this season. 7
Elano: Fantastic passing and interplay with Robinho. 7

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