Thursday, 13 November 2008

On the 'hysteria'

Mark Hughes is surely right about the mood of 'hysteria' surrounding City at the moment.

It's come about due to a very unfortunate coinciding of five different things at the start of this week. The loss to Spurs, Elano's speaking out of turn, the story about the clear out, the (long scheduled) board meeting on Sunday, the (long scheduled) meeting with Sheikh Mansour on Tuesday.

But it seems like things have settled down a bit now. Statements from both Khaldoon al-Mubarak and the Sheikh himself, both in unequivocal support of Hughes have certainly blunted the speculation.

Sheikh Mansour said:
Mark shared with me his plans for how the team should be developed. His strategy is compelling and he has my absolute mandate to implement his plans to evolve this team in the right way over the short, medium and long terms
So with this settled, we can look at by far the biggest story of the week (I think), the news in the papers on Tuesday about a January clearout.

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