Monday, 24 November 2008

Toure linked

An interesting rumour growing recently is that City are going to go for Kolo Toure in January.

It started, as many good City stories do, with Daniel Taylor in The Guardian on Saturday. There wasn't much over the weekend but it was in Monday's M.E.N. and Tueday's Mail and Times.

I don't think it requires inside knowledge to guess that Hughes is going to bring in more, and better defenders in January: only Hull, Stoke, Blackburn and West Brom have conceded more league goals than we have this season. Whilst they were both brilliant on Saturday, neither Dunne nor Richards have impressed much so far. Tal Ben Haim, about whom I was excited when we bought him, has so far been a big dissapointment.

Now I'm not Kolo Toure's biggest fan - I'd much rather have William Gallas (even with the lunacy thrown in), but Kolo would still be a really good signing: only 27 years old, played more than 200 Premier Leauge games, with one League title and two FA Cup wins. I'd love Richards and Dunne to be as good a pairing as Distin and Dunne, but it seems like that might not happen. So why not shake things up?

And if we don't get Diarra we should go for Kolo's brother too.


Southern Blue said...

Although I would welcome the arrival of Toure and or Bridge, I believe Richard Dunne's form will improve when he is once more surrounded by competent defenders as at the moment I think he has lost confiedence in his defensive partners.
More worrying is the rumour that City are to bid for Ashley Cole.
Surely things are not this bad yet. If it is true then God help us.
I don't know if I am mentally capable of cheering on such am awful person.

jfell said...

Seen Yaya Toure play a couple of times at the Camp Neu and i would much prefer him to Diarra. Don't understand why all city fans are burying their heads on the sand about his whereabouts during the 6-0 mauling of Portsmouth at COMS?

JPB said...

Jfell - I didn't think Diarra was too bad in the 6-0. In the first half when Pompey played 3-5-2 he was dominating play in midfield. It was only when they went to 4-4-2 in the second half, with Traore and Utaka out wide, that Diarra (with Diop) started to get overrun. I'd definitely take him, even ahead of Yaya.

tommytheblue said...

diarra is a good player...dont forget our players have been stuffed 6-0 before.

Yaya toure was class 1st saw him at city playing for olympiakos, he's class