Thursday, 13 November 2008

On transfer targets

Three names keep on cropping up in stories on City's January targets:

Wayne Bridge, Roque Santa Cruz and Lassana Diarra.

It would be good if we could go into 2009 with a starting line up of:

Hart; Bridge, Dunne, Richards, Zabaleta; Ireland, Kompany, Diarra; Robinho, RSC, SWP.

A solution that people are only just daring to speak of is:

Hart; Bridge, Kompany, Richards, Zabaleta; Johnson, Diarra, Ireland; Robinho, RSC, SWP.

The idea of Kompany as the long term replacement not for Hamann but for Dunne is an important idea to consider, I think. He'd be a better captain than Richards too.


clp7871 said...

What about

Jaskalainen; Bridge, Chielini, Richards, Zabaleta; Petrov, Kompany, Diarra, SWP; Robinho; RSC

with a bench of

Hart, Ireland, Dunne, Elano, Bojinov, Johnson, Jo

Starting to look a bit like a premiership squad now isn't it??

PS - I see Ince is trying to say that RSC is not for sale no matter what...Does he honestly think that Blackburn can afford to turn down £14-15M for a player they paid £3M for 18months ago?? What a plum!!

Ben said...

There are various reports of the players that are likely to be offloaded in January as well.
There is definitely still a place for Elano at City, just hope he hasn't burnt his bridges.

I also hope we don't actually clear out too many before we know others are definitely on the way in.

Anonymous said...

Good call! Dunne isn't the captain of our medium term and Vincent has that Viera quality which could inspire modern players...

Onwards and Upwards!

charles gullung said...

kaka, villa, torres, aguero etc...
I can only imagine some of these names tied with another name...mourinho.