Sunday, 2 November 2008

A bad mix

We have the grit of Arsenal and the charm of Chelsea.


goateresque said...

I think that questions needs to be asked of Mark Hughes.
1) He cost us the Liverpool game by putting Gelson Fernandes at right back when he had Ben Haim on the bench. With disastrous results.
2) We have two left backs on the bench, Garrido cannot defend to save his life, Ball can. Both would be better than playing Richards at left back as the last two games have shown this to be a huge error.
3) Why can we not play away from home - whats wrong with 442 instead of a 433 which is blatantly too lightweight.

Our supposed genius young manager is not doing his job well at the moment.

charles gullung said...

I agree with these thoughts about hughes.
he talked this week of "steadying the ship"...
well, we didn't look like breaking down bolton today and at the same time barely looked like "steadying any ship" at all with the end result exactly what we earned.
the players seemed to have followed hughes instructions well, implying to me that the instructions given we're not the best to give. we defended poorly, as usual this season, however now we are seemingly creating less chances than normal. we are unbalanced from top to bottom.