Monday, 15 March 2010

Sunderland reax

Tim Rich, The Independent

For a side that had put four past Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in their last fixture, this was a reminder that you can change the manager, you can pump in hundreds of millions to revolutionise the squad, but changing the soul of a club is rather more difficult.

For much of the game, this was Manchester City as they have been since 1938, when, as reigning champions, they managed to get themselves relegated while scoring more goals than any other team. Their inconsistency is a constant, summed up by the way Patrick Vieira was caught dawdling on the ball in a way he would never have been at Arsenal.

George Caulkin, The Times

It was difficult to equate Mancini’s side with the one that had tormented Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. While the second half brought improvements in application and attitude, what preceded it bordered on the shambolic, with too many passes squirting astray and the syndrome known as “Cityitis” re-emerging from a brief period of dormancy.

Louise Taylor, The Guardian

Earlier City's manager had pressed almost every conceivable tactical button, repeatedly reconfiguring his side as Bruce's newly renascent team variously left him sighing, grimacing and even tugging anxiously at both his elegantly knotted blue and white scarf and immaculatelycoiffed hair.

Indeed judging by Mancini's demented charge down the touchline to order his celebrating players to calm down and regroup after that late leveller, the Italian knows his long-term future at Eastlands remains very much in the balance. There is no doubt he wants to remain in situ. Asked if coaching Italy after the World Cup interested him, a smiling Mancini – whose side stand fifth, two points behind Tottenham Hotspur with a game in hand – replied: "No, I intend staying here for ten years."

Colin Young, Daily Mail

In the first half Sunderland looked hungrier and the number of stray passes, missed tackles and dreadful shots from the visitors was just too much for Mancini. Once, Carlos Tevez hit a stray pass into touch.

The City boss shook his head, looked to the heavens, chuntered something to himself and sent Roque Santa Cruz on for Wayne Bridge.

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Kulpesh said...

Inconsistent City have been, but we won at Chelsea playing badly.

though I agree the performance of the first half left a lot to be desired, our second half performance should have seen us win the gaem by some margin. This would have occurred had we not met Gordon in sparkling form.

Make no mistake about it this was defnitely a point gained, we are still capable of 4th, are currently on equal points with the game in hand and a good bet to secure it. we have sixhome games left and provided a win at Fulham can be achieved (which is not impossible) we could from strength to strngth.

Keep the faith.

Ps the way we played in the second half was the best footbal I have seen from a Mancini side.

Pps Micah was at fault for there goal. Steed should never have been allowed to cross and if we make the CL expect us to sign a 'Maicon'.