Friday, 19 March 2010

Garrido set to start?

I thought Pablo Zabaleta would move across to left back, but the placing of a big Javi Garrido interview on the official site hints that it might not be. It's between one of those two, I think: Mancini won't want to move Barry or Lescott, and Sylvinho's lack of pace makes him a candidate for midfield only.

Picking between Zabaleta and Garrido is tough. Zabaleta has performed better in midfield this season than he has in defence, and so recent performances from him aren't necessarily a sign that he ought to step in to Wayne Bridge's shoes. He's not guaranteed to start in the middle on Sunday, due to Patrick Vieira and Stephen Ireland, but it's possible. But on the other hand, Javi Garrido is a fairly limited player - slow, fairly weak, doesn't win headers or tackles etc etc. He's an irrational favourite of mine, yes, but he's been struggling to adjust to the Premier League for almost three years now.

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