Wednesday, 24 March 2010

In the programme

There is an interview with me in the matchday programme this evening. You should really buy the programme anyway because it's excellent, but if in doubt maybe the prospect of some insights into TLDORC and a boyish photo of me in the Camp Nou should tip you over the edge.


Scragg said...

Good to see they've finally got round to getting you in it Jack.

I've emailed Chris Nield about the initial Blue Bloggers idea and us each having our own page on the MCFC website which would be top notch.

If I don't get a reply in the next couple of days (if i do i'll forward it to you) then would you mind contacting him about because it would be good to get on there before the season closes

Cheers mate


Hemulen said...

Stick a scan up for us will you? Would be interested to see it.

Paul Doleman said...

Hi Mate,

Nice piece in the programme last night. Didn't realise you were also southern based like me.

I'm a Mancunian exciled in Sevenoaks and blog on Bert Trautmann's Neck.

I manage to get to all City's home games, so if you ever need a lift North let me know.

Also, love Lloyds idea on fan pages on the City site. My business does most of the social media marketing for City, so next time I see Chris, Vicky and David Pullan (probably Wigan game) I'll mention it too.