Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lescott injured

Our in-form defender has picked up an injury at the worst possible time. No one seems to know how long he'll be out for, but he certainly won't play against Everton tomorrow evening.

Joleon was set to play left-back on Sunday before his injury, which betrays a surprising willingness from Mancini to break up the Lescott/Kompany pairing which has done so well recently. But I'm sure it will be Kompany and Kolo Touré again tomorrow, with Javi Garrido again at left back.


Steven McInerney said...

Five weeks.....terrible news. Sigh.

budakon said...

I thought that Toure did well at the weekend and IF he can maintain that form then hopefully the loss of Lescott will not be too detrimental to the final stages of the season.

It was noticeable that Kompany had been instructed to stick to Zamora like glue whilst Toure covered which seemed to work pretty well.

Probably the bigger loss is not having a decent Left Back. Garrido did reasonably well defensively against Fulham but the overall quality of his play, his first touch, his ability to choose the best pass and deliver it all give the impression of being at a lower standard than the rest of the team. Which all means that he will end up being targeted by the opposition if they have any sense. Barry will then need to spend more time covering and helping out as well.

Having Bridge and Lescott out at the same could be costly.