Friday, 26 March 2010

Players back Mancini

Well, two of them have - former Hughes loyalists Nigel de Jong and Vincent Kompany have defended Mancini after Wednesday's evening's unpleasantness:
"Everyone at this club is passionate and wants to bring success so there will be times when emotion takes over," said Kompany.

"The boss showed how much he cares and I don't see a problem with what he did.

"We were losing and he wanted to get the ball back in play - that was all there was to it. I think too much has been made of it already."
Nigel de Jong, as usual, agreed with his former HSV teammate:
"It was a very emotional game, you could see that at the end with the gaffer," he said.

"Everybody knows I am not the easiest player in these kind of games.

"You have to set a tone - you are 1-0 behind and if the referee continues making disappointing decisions you know it is going to be an emotional game."
It seems that not all Hughes loyalists were singing from exactly the same hymn-sheet though.

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thomas said...

hopefully the bellamy thing is nothing, as he should really think about his position at the club, It's in any way true, his conduct is out of order..