Friday, 12 March 2010

Regeneration project announced

There had been rumours for some time, but today we heard that City are going to lead and pay for a major redevelopment project of the area around Eastlands:

A Joint Development Board (JDB) has been formed between the three parties, which will harness the respective strengths of the constituent members – Manchester City Council’s and New east Manchester’s land ownership, their proven track record in regeneration, and their access to public funding together with Manchester City Football Club’s commercial leverage with brand partners and history of investment in all aspects of the club’s development.

The agreement creates the opportunity for a long-term partnership between Manchester City Council, NEM and MCFC, to develop their mutual ambitions for the area. All of the parties share the desire for any commercial development to deliver long lasting economic and community growth to the east Manchester area.

It's good news in terms of the results it will bring about - the area around the ground could do with a bit of livening up, to say the least. More importantly, though, it underlines the long-term commitment of ADUG to MCFC. There's no avoiding the fact that if Sheikh Mansour decides he's bored of City and wants to do something better with his money we will be in a rather difficult position. And so evidence that he's not thinking along those lines is to be welcomed.


Johnny Crossan said...
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Johnny Crossan said...

Lonely, this is the biggest thing that has happened to Man City ever - understand? -