Monday, 1 March 2010


In comments below Gareth Barry said that the controversy surrounding Wayne Bridge's private life has 'helped galvanise the club', and that after winning so well at Stamford Bridge we are 'set up nicely now to finish the season strongly.'

He could well be right. With the four contenders for fourth bunched as tightly as they are, it is the team that generates the most momentum that will take the prize, as differences in starting position are essentially moot. And momentum is what we have so obviously missed, ever since that confidence-draining Carling Cup exit.

But our win on Saturday - our goal at Stamford Bridge since 2000, our first league win there since 1983, Chelsea's first home league defeat since November 2008, their third since February 2004 etc etc etc - is the sort of moment on which seasons can change. It really feels as if the points were switched on Saturday and the MCFC wagon is now heading in a different direction.

This raises the question, though, whether a two week break is good for us now. Could the momentum dissipate between now and Mother's Day? Carlos Tévez could get injured on international duty, as could Joleon Lescott, Shay Given, Nigel de Jong or Vincent Kompany. There could be more damaging speculation over the security of Mancini's hold on the job. Alternatively, two weeks of training could see the current optimism incubate and develop, ready to explode on Sunderland in two weeks.

It could go either way. I guess we'll find out thirteen days from now. But for now things are looking up - as good as they were since, well, the last time we pulled out a heroic team performance to beat Chelsea.


jackblue said...

We always beat Sunderland home and away so that one should not be a problem

clevblue said...

Momentum's good, but two weeks will settle it down a little - on the bright side, Craig's knackered knees get a rest. Sunderland will be sweating on us coming up and practising their long balls, throws and fouling abilities in order to try and do a Joke City on us.

Dirk said...

Regarding mancini, there would be a lot more speculation about his future if we had lost the game against Chelsea.

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