Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bellamy's Wales future in doubt

News that makes surprising column inches today given it's inevitability - Craig Bellamy is due to cut down on his international commitments:

When asked whether Bellamy was still a big part of his plans, Toshack said: "Well, I don't know yet. Not if he's injured he won't be. He's played five of the last 12 competitive games and missed the last three friendlies. That's 10 out of 15 that he's missed. We wouldn't want to be in a position where we have to rely too heavily on him. So the more games that other players get, the better we will be."

I'm sure Bellamy has said before that if we got into Europe he would scale down his commitments to Wales and it looks like we've got a good shot at making the Europa League 2010/11. His knees make it difficult for him to play twice a week and he has said he doesn't forsee himself playing more than another two or three years of professional football. So a Ryan Giggs scenario, where he stops playing for Wales in order to prolong his club career looks very likely. Which is a shame for Wales fans but only good news for MCFC.