Sunday, 8 February 2009

Zabaleta's shooting

I just love these new Guardian chalkboards. Here is a display of Pablo Zabaleta's shooting from the last two home games (Newcastle and Middlesbrough) since his great goal against Wigan. It seems as if his wonderstrike has gone to his head a bit: he's hit speculative twenty yard shots off target recently, one wide and four over the bar [over the board? he may be exotic, aggressive and slightly mad but Zabaleta is not, as far as I am aware, a pirate - J].

by Guardian Chalkboards


tommytheblue said...

at least he shoots, which the rest of the tea, struggle to be able to understand. Too many flicks trying to walk the ball in box.

but yea mad pab zab has been pretty wild with his shooting.

Wigan Blue said...

Go for it Pablo, you may as well as our shooting ace seems to be the subject of another spat-out dummy from above...