Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Bozhinov back for reserves

Played sixty five minutes last night against Hull.

The MCFC Reserves & Academy blog reports thus:
Bojinov was looking eager and lively but obviously lacking match fitness and came off after sixty five minutes after seeing a couple of efforts on goal saved well by Warner He was understandably a touch rusty after such a long lay-off but his quality stood out . All though opinions among the meagre crowd were divided.
This is six weeks sooner than his reserve return last season, so we can be increasingly confident of seeing him playing proper first team games this season.

He surely won't make Anfield this Sunday, and is not in the UEFA Cup squad, so how about West Ham on Sunday 1 March? - fitting that he should make his third debut for City on the same ground where he made his first.


trinder said...

That's possibly a dozen league games in which he could play. I sincerely hope Bojinov stays fit, not just for the player's state of mind but for the variety he could bring to our approach.

pjdemers said...

Trinder - I think you hit the nail on the head the other day with your post about City's away form. I've emailed Jack before about this but City also lack an "over my dead body" attitude (at least collectively).

As far as Bojinov, he might be rusty but i think he & Bellamy in an actual strike partnership look tasty. Their guile,pace & mobility could look promising. while he is short, Bojinov is surprisingly capable in the air.

The one thing I'd like to add in general re: city's abysmal away form that i think we are all too quick to point the finger at Hughes. While some of it is justified, the fact of the matter there is enough talent at City to demand better.

Some of the fault lies at the players themselves. Let the chips fall where they may but some of the squad at City just aren't pulling their weight. to blame Hughes alone is not just, like or loathe the man.