Thursday, 19 February 2009

Hughes versus the Brazilians

More interesting stuff from Ian Ladyman today:
Elano has long been viewed as a troublemaker by Hughes and sources close to the 27-year-old midfielder have stated recently that the player has no love for his manager.

Hughes' relationship with Robinho is better than that and he hopes he can coax some more consistent form from the club's record signing.

But Elano's influence on his countryman would appear to be growing and that is a much greater problem.

It is understood that one of Hughes' four January signings is so unimpressed with the Brazilian pair and their approach to life at City that he has suggested somebody should 'sort them out'.

I'm working on a long piece on 'Sparkyisation' at the moment: the process of Hughes' imposing himself on all aspects of the club. The presence of the Brazilian faction is probably the main obstacle in his way at the moment.


433 said...

Problems with your Brazilian bad boys?

ChrisR said...

A newcomer says 'Sort em out'? Good ol' Bellers ;-)