Thursday, 5 February 2009

Sturridge talks continue

This is the third of MCFC's key projects for the next few months (the others being the rehabilitation of Johnson and Bozhinov), and probably the most important: the tying of Danny Sturridge to the club on the sort of 2013-expiring contract that Zabaleta, Richards, Hart, Johnson, Given and Bellamy are now on.

There have been rumours of meetings for month, and today Hughes told that he is hopeful a deal can be done:
"We want Daniel to stay, that’s a given. The situation is that he has six months left, his advisors are in an understanding where they are in a position of strength, and we want to do a deal that shows our intent with regard to Daniel.

"We’re not quite there yet, but we are hopeful. I think there are meetings planned for this week, we hope something can come from that and Daniel can put it all to bed.

"He’s made three league starts so is still learning his trade, but what he has done when he’s come on is make an impression. That’s what you have to do as a young player, but we see him day-in, day-out and we know his qualities. We want to keep him, but there has to be an understanding from his advisors that there is a level for everybody, I am sure there is a compromise to be made and we’ll get there very soon."

This is so important.

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jfell said...

Is it?

If we intend to be a champions league team in three years I have seen little that makes me think he could cut it at that level. Dont get me wrong, I agree we should get his contract sorted but I dont think I'll lose too much sleep if he doesn't.