Sunday, 22 February 2009

de Jong's performance today

I thought our best player today was Nigel de Jong, and Mark Hughes gave him a special mention in his BBC post-match interview:
"Towards the end of the game when we had to be rock solid Nigel was leading the fight from that point of view, because I thought he was really good in his understanding of the game, awareness of where he needed to be to just nip things in the bud and that was arguably his best game for us since he's arrived so I think people are starting to see what a good player he is."
This is also borne out by the Guardian Chalkboard stats. Below is a picture of his interceptions and tackles today - six successful interceptions and five successful tackles - all within a very tight area; between twenty yards from City's goal and just beyond the half way line, and within the width of the penalty box. This discipline - combined with his physical and technical abilities - is what will make him such a success for City.

by Guardian Chalkboards

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David Karjanen said...

I agree, both De Jong and Kompany got stuck in for the second half, and once again Ireland had an excellent game. When Stevie intercepted a pass at our 18, struck it forward then made the run all the way to the opposite 18 he showed how much he wants to win and play for the shirt. Also on a bright note, Dunne didn't blow it... but Wayne Bridge, is he really going to get better? Good going forward, but they attacked that flank all day, and he could be a bit more solid.