Monday, 16 February 2009

City's away league record 2008/09

There are some cases where generalisations, averages and summaries are insufficient; only the raw data can convey the picture in its full meaning. This is true with our away form in the league this season.

So here goes:

17/8 Aston Villa 2-4
31/8 Sunderland 3-0
28/9 Wigan Athletic 1-2
20/10 Newcastle United 2-2
29/10 Middlesbrough 0-2
2/11 Bolton Wanderers 0-2
16/11 Hull City 2-2
6/12 Fulham 1-1
21/12 West Brom 1-2
28/12 Blackburn Rovers 2-2
31/1 Stoke City 0-1
14/2 Portsmouth 0-2

So with 12 of our 19 away league games gone we're on one win and four draws: 7 points from a possible 36.

What's worse is that our seven remaining away games are against (in order) Liverpool, West Ham, Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, Manchester United and Spurs. That's positions 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 16! We could, quite possibly, take only one or two more away points this season.

Which would leave us with a genuinely shameful away record.

Of all the Eriksson era failings, away form (particularly, failing to win enough games at poor teams) was the most obvious. And Mark Hughes has spent £130million to make it worse.


peterbryan.callum said...

Well it shows again Hughes is a waste of time, couldn't believe they sacked Eriksson and then replaced him with Hughes.
As far as management goes Hughes doesn't, cant really ever see him being able to attract the big names. Time to change things now. give a decent manager a chance to work with this squad and maybe bring in another one or two big names.
Not sure i will be renewing my season ticket if MH is still there next season.

trinder said...

Good stuff J. It's as well we've got so many weak sides at home. Imagine if it were the other way round, with that lot at home. Oh lordy.

jonnythefox said...

Bring back Sven. His club record is fantastic. He should still be manager. Anyone want to start a campaign BRING BACK SVEN.
If he was at city now, we would be doing ok,and the lazy Brazilians would be playing well!
Sven is the only Manager to win the domestic double in 3 different countries..people talk about Guus, Big Phil etc SVEN'S record beats them all.If only Shinawatra had sold City before sacking Sven!

Jack said...

Sven? Well he will be sacked by Mexico soon so he will be available. 0 - 6 at Chelsea, 1 - 8 at M'bro? 4th at Xmas relegation form thereafter? Do me a favour please, I would sooner have Jimmy Frizzell back.

trinder said...

You sack a manager when:
a) he's lost his players' support
b) he's lost a dangerous number of games
c) his side isn't improving
d) he's had a fair chance to change and teach the side
e) there is a willing, available and better manager

I don't think any of these have been met, though a, b and c are close. By the end of the season we can judge Hughes properly.