Sunday, 8 February 2009

de Jong's passing

I'm still getting to grips with the new Guardian Chalkboards. But here is a good one showing Nigel de Jong's passing yesterday. With 51 out of 54 successful, that's a 94% success rate. As well as his effectiveness, check out his discipline: only two or three times does he venture within thirty yards of the opposition goal, and very rarely out to the right hand side either. As such, he provides us with a reliable means of maintaining possession in midfield, in a way that Gelson Fernandes or even Elano does not.

 by Guardian Chalkboards


Jack said...

This guy is class. 94% pass rate and don't forget it was his pass to Bells (assist is a horrible americanism) that led to City's goal.

clevblue said...

I love the mirror's article this morning about Hughes' chances, quote "with a small midfield they rely on movement, pace, and ingenuity"

Is that not what a football team is supposed to do?

Hughes has bought well and bought for the future, not stars, but real footballers

BigMalfan said...

18 mil to put in a few tackles, pass safely and mainly sideways, never break sweat by doing something stupid like crossing the halfway line? Holding midfielder? What WOULD Colin Bell make of it all?