Friday, 20 August 2010

Timişoara player ratings

Hart A much quieter game for him than Spurs on Saturday. Timişoara's caution and our defensive efficiency meant he barely had a save to make. 6

Zabaleta Just two games into the season and he has already played in two positions. Saw a lot of the ball, as a result of our narrow 4-3-2-1, but he never quite had the pace to get down to the by-line. Swung in a decent cross or two. Lucky not to concede penalties for a first half trip and a second half push. 6

Kolo Touré An easy game: he did not have much defending to do, nor much to do on the ball either. 6

Kompany Had to hold off Mircea Axente when the lone striker broke through the middle, but did his job well. Grabbed Balotelli's face when he scored. 6

Lescott We'd been hearing for years how Lescott could play left-back but this was the first time we'd actually seen it (I thought it was all just a myth.) He did fairly well, showing off just how strong in the tackle he is and quick along the ground. If I have one complaint it is that - like Zabaleta - he was always open down the flank but didn't put a single good cross in. I suppose it's not surprising though. 6

Yaya Touré Has a welcome ability to force the pace of the game when necessary. His passing was good and late in the first half he went on a jinking run reminiscent of Georgi Kinkladze (remarkable, when you consider the differences in their frames.) In the second half he was breaking into the box more, and hit the post twice from close range. 7

de Jong Sitting deepest of our midfield three, he still had a destructive job to do when Timişoara broke, and he did it well enough. But when James Milner is available I'm not sure he'll always be needed for this job. 6

Barry Needed to be doing more to support the front three. We much improved when he was withdrawn for Mario Balotelli on 55 minutes. It's just a surprise the change didn't come until the break. 5

Tévez Our liveliest player of a dire first half, his free-kick from distance was our best shot on goal. Came deep for the ball but just found himself with ten purple shirts between him and their goal. Moved into a No. 10 role in the second half, but never really influenced things. 6

Adebayor Surprisingly hard-working in his first start of the season. He ran the channels eagerly, although we struggled to create in the first half. It was his spinning off the defender that created Balotelli's goal, and he could have had one for himself in a much improved second half. 7

Silva Similar to his performance against Spurs. Still needs to pick up the pace of the game, despite showing his obvious ability and intelligence. Pushed onto the right of a 4-2-3-1 in the second half. The second leg, in comfortable surroundings, should be a better stage for him. 5


Balotelli A perfect start. He came on early in the second half, on the left of a 4-2-3-1 and immediately troubled the defence with his powerful runs from wide into the box. The first time he did this he shot into the side netting, the second he nearly knocked out their right-back, and the third he tapped in Adebayor's cross to score. Then got booked and got injured. 7

Johnson Came on for Silva but didn't really change the game - it was width we were looking for. 5

Came on for his first competitive appearance since 20 minutes at the end of the infamous 3-0 FA Cup defeat to Nottingham Forest in January 2009. Hard to take seriously as a City player. n/a

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knowall,noreally said...

I don't think people (not necessarily you) 'get' Bobby's new City.
I'm convinced that his rationale is that without conceding a goal we cannot lose a game and that once we have scored, if the opposition don't score we are guaranteed to win.
Not sexy, but hard to fault if results are all that matter. And, to keep his job and get the appalling media off his back I would suggest that they are.
We finished last night with AJ/Silva, Adebayor, Balotelli, Tevez (forget Jo) up front and 2 in midfield. On what planet is that conservative? On another night we'd have won 3-0.
We made sure there was no real hope of them getting their tails up and scoring and over time started to pull them apart, albeit with a team who are still strangers to each other. It can only get better as our 6 new recruits bed in.
A midfield of Yaya, Milner and De Jong is perfect to both stop the opposition and make things happen going forward.
A front 3 of Silva, Tevez, Balotelli, with Adebayor, AJ (and even SWP) as back up will score for fun. And we are yet to concede a goal with the world cup's best defender not able to make his league debut yet cos of injury.
I'm not suggesting we'll win the league (although I don't think it's beyond the realms of possibility) but without a shadow of a doubt we are going to be a force this season. All this 'team of strangers' nonsense is just noise - this manager has bought some fantastic talent, and has a clear idea of what he wants them to do. Let's enjoy watching his plan come together