Monday, 30 August 2010

Sunderland reax

Jason Mellor, The Independent

It's rather too early to talk of pivotal moments barely a fortnight into a nine-month campaign, but Manchester City could live to rue the dropped points and Tevez's astonishing first-half miss that preceded it. Tevez will earn his side far more points that he costs them this season, but it's fair to say that, for the next few weeks at least, he'll owe his team-mates in the wake of a 16th-minute aberration which defined this contest even more than Darren Bent's winning penalty in the fourth minute of stoppage-time.

Louise Taylor, The Guardian

After failing to convert their early ascendancy into goals Mancini's side were forced to withstand a second‑half onslaught from a seemingly reborn Sunderland who looked as if they had belatedly decided this was their cup final.

Rob Stewart, Daily Telegraph

City may have spent £325 million since their Middle Eastern takeover two years ago this week, but it would be almost impossible to put a price on the possible cost of Tévez’s misjudgment should his club end up missing out on the title by one or two points come next May.

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