Friday, 13 August 2010

Closer to Balotelli

This morning's papers suggest that the various sets of negotiations around a deal for Mario Balotelli are close to completion. To put it crudely, Inter have blinked over the fee and we have blinked over the wages. Ian Herbert's report in The Independent is similar to ones in The Times and The Telegraph. The crux:
A four-year deal for the 19-year-old Balotelli is virtually in place, though, with Inter now looking to raise money to finance the acquisition of Liverpool's Javier Mascherano. Sources in Italy indicated that there had even been a tentative plan to fly Balotelli to Manchester by private jet yesterday and that the deal was about to be signed off. With the salary of €7m (£5.76m) after tax agreed – taking Balotelli close to the initial demands which City had balked at – Mancini's determination to drive through a deal is understood to be based on his belief that the player's youthfulness is accompanied by an utter fearlessness.

Mancini has never forgotten how, as Inter manager, he gave him his debut at a key stage of the club's season in December – at home to Cagliari in a match in which Hernan Crespo was controversially left on the bench. But the striker flourished and maintained his place in the side. Mancini believes this augurs well for the teenager's Premier League prospects. City and Inter were initially £4m apart on valuation – with Inter demanding €30m and Mancini's club ready to pay only €26m. But the club seem to have reached a compromise at €28m.
“We’ve made important steps forward. I am coming to England tomorrow and we want Manchester City,” revealed Mario Balotelli’s agent...

“The negotiations aren’t finished yet, but we’ve made important steps forward. I am very confident, we hope it can all be closed quickly.
And as I've been writing copying and pasting this very post it has been announced that SuperMario is on his way to City for a medical. Hurrah.

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