Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Hart, Barry, AJ play in England win

England's triumphant return to Wembley eventually went to plan this evening, as they came from behind to beat Hungary 2-1. There were three Manchester City players starting: Joe Hart, Gareth Barry and Adam Johnson.

Hart had an easy game. He made a few comfortable first half saves, could not prevent the goal and saved well his legs in the last ten minutes. Barry was tidy and more mobile than I expected, moving the ball forward quickly and even showing up in the final third at times.

Johnson was the most interesting one. He played on the left in the first half, and was willing to run at players and send crosses in. He missed our best chance, hitting an uncharacteristically acccurate Theo Walcott pull-back over the bar. It was a shame; an early goal at Wembley would have been a perfect confidence inflator. He didn't let it phase him, though, and was similarly dynamic coming in off the right in the second half. He shot over the bar from distance a few times, and caused the Hungarians problems. Set pieces were patchy but we can live with that. He should have a big role in qualification.


nick said...

Hughes signings were a mixed bag generally, but the strangest one was the protracted pursuit of Lescott despite Onouha having just had an excellent run in the side. He'd proved himself for me, and looked good beside Kompany. He doesn't offer a great deal going forward in fairness, but as an out-an-out defender, he's as good as anyone at the club. Another academy graduate who is perfectly capable at Premier League level, but unfortunately won't get the chance.

Anonymous said...

After Hart put in a good performance for England it must increase the liklihood he will be given a chance in the City first team. I know Given pulled off a few saves in the one nil defeat by Ireland to Argentina. I wonder if Given will insist on a loan if he doesn't start at Spurs. I hope we put in a "return clause" if hart gets injured!

trinder said...

Thunder, you've hit on what always seemed to me the most sensible way to keep two brilliant keepers on the books, happy and match fit. Loan the second choice one to a Premier League club with an instant release clause in the event of number 1's injury. At worse you have to play your third choice keeper for part of one game.

I hope Shay does well at Fulham.