Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Spirit and rotation

Micah Richards:
“It has been competitive. We have 25 very good players, some world-class players, in the squad, so there is going to be tension in the camp,” he said.

“Everyone wants to play. David Silva has come for £25m, and he was on the bench the other night. Milner has replaced him and done really well.

“When you get your chance you have to take it.

“It is a good tension. Everyone is fighting to get in the team.

“Only 11 can play, but we all want to win.”
"People might have questioned whether there was a good spirit here with a lot of new players coming in, but you only had to see how we played and celebrated with the goals against Liverpool to show there is a great spirit in the camp," he explained.

"It is now a challenge just to get into our 18, never mind the starting XI. But we are a tight unit and respect each other. We are all friends and rivals and that is how it has to be."
Now, the players would say this if it wasn't true, but it is interesting. I have no idea how the squad rotation is going to work out. Sam Wallace says he expects a first eleven to appear at some point later this season. I have a sense now that Mancini is just waiting; for injuries, for players to reveal themselves to be better or less good than expected. Then we can have a better idea of the patterns of rotation. Because for now predicting the team is just groping in the dark.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see the 11 that lined up against Liverpool become the first choice. Largely because of the number of English players present. I'm sure that this helped with communication between players on the pitch.
The quality available to the manager is frankly incredible right now.

Anonymous said...

fair enough man.

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Have a good one