Monday, 22 June 2009

SSN: RSC having medical

News that will be of no surprise to anyone who has read the morning 'papers: it was reported at length that Santa Cruz would be having a medical today, and, well, their prediction has come true - because Sky Sports News is now reporting that Santa Cruz is currently undergoing his medical at City.

This ought to take some time - with Valeri Bozhinov and Craig Bellamy on the books it's not like we need another injury-prone striker. But it does sound like this rather interminable transfer saga will be successfully concluded today.

UPDATE: Henry Winter has just tweeted this:
If Santa Cruz joins City, it will confirm Hughes is completely in charge of transfers. Good. Cruz and Tevez could blend well. #mancity
As a big Henry Winter fan, I love it when he agrees with me. His tweeting is worth following; so much so that I'm thinking of starting a TLDORC Twitter stream.


mark adrian said...

A good idea to tweet I`d follow

Steven McInerney said...

So would I!

It'd be from my band's account, but I'd follow nonetheless.

trinder said...

I have no idea what you're talking about.

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