Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Lescott bid

Just as the demand to improve the team saw us jettison our own young talented 'keeper in favour of a more experienced - and, admittedly, much better version - in January, we may well be about to do exactly the same at centre half.

Because if we sign Joleon Lescott, for whom we are alleged to have made a bid in this morning's papers, it can only threaten the place of Nedum Onuoha - Academy graduate and our best defender of 2009 thus far.

In The Guardian Andy Hunter writes of a £15m bid being made this week, allowing Lescott to double his wages from £40k/week to £80k/week. And in The Sun Phil Thomas claims the same things: a £15m bid 'within the next 48 hours', and the same wage improvement.

He certainly makes sense as a Mark Hughes target: Premier League experience, soon to turn 27, athletic, competitive. And there's no doubting that we need an experienced head at centre half to replace Richard Dunne. I just wonder if we'll be able to prise him away: Everton have a very settled squad and don't really need to sell. Maybe we'll have to go higher than £15m. But if we're prepared to spend £18m, is there no-one better we can get? On a side note, if we really want one of Everton's centre-halves we should go for Phil Jagielka. Apart from the fact that he had a better 2008/09 than Lescott, he is, as far as I'm aware, a City fan.

Presuming we do get Lescott, it's a straight choice between Onuoha and Kompany to play with him. I'd probably rather have Onuoha, but until he gets the new contract to reward his 2009 form and secure his future at MCFC, we may be best assuming Kompany. I'd rather have either of them than Kolo Touré though.


joeclarke said...

whilst I agree that Jags had a better season, it seems to me that Lescott would be a better signing as it means we have cover for Bridge and can get rid of either Ball or Garrido (although tbh both could go and we wouldn't miss either). I also would prefer to have Onuoha pairing up with him, and Kompany playing in midfield ahead of de jong. Finally though it appears that we are making steps to become a good squad with good quality players as back-up!

jfell said...

There is talk of Ramos on some forums; can't see it myself but it's more exciting than Jag or Lescott. We scored plenty of goals last year - we need to shore up our defence. Aren't there any world class centre haLves with only one year on their contracts left (seems to be modus operandi)?

trinder said...

I'm not really sure Ramos is as good as we sometimes think. He plays right-back half the time and he's prone to mistakes (last night, for example). He's still a good quality centre-half though.

Lescott has been chosen because he's a left-sided centre-half. He would play with Onouha or Kompany and as Joe says, cover Bridge when needed. I'm sure Hughes will stretch quite a way for him but surely Everton would accept £18m plus Jo. After all, Jo is worth £19m...

To sell Richards as part of the deal would be madness. He's only just turned 21 and has a dozen caps. It would also further damage an Academy that is reeling from the loss of Sturridge, who should have been signed up on a long term deal last summer.

Anonymous said...

If Lescott or Upson are signed it can only mean that Dunne will be sold to either Sunderland or Stoke.