Monday, 29 June 2009

Eto'o's agent says no?

Samuel Eto'o's agent has said today in a radio interview that he is unlikely to join City:

Eto'o's agent, Josep Maria Mesalles, told ONA FM, "If there is not a 180-degree turnaround then he will stay with Barcelona."

Presuming that Messales' press conference scheduled for Tuesday will still go ahead, we should get a better sense of where exactly Eto'o's intentions lie.


jaime said...

What this means is this:

Eto'o doesnt think barca should get £20-£30million for him leaving as he only has one year left.

He wants some of the transfer.

He will stay at Barca for another year if they dont give him some of the transfer.

He can leave Barca next year and will either get a massive signing on fee or huge wages.

Barca cannot buy the players they want without our money so they want him gone but he knows he is in a very strong position.

So the "180 degree u turn" is all about Barca not wanting to pay him some of the transfer fee.

jackblue said...

Eto'o at 28 is at the very limit of a big money deal. Eto'o a year older starts to look risky. We will see tomorrow or more likely Wednesday (July official start of window).

LEE1PEN said...

His agent is just waiting to see if Barca will make him an offer. If Barca dont want him, then is he going to stay for one year with a club that just want the money. Barca I am sure are looking elsewhere already.

Anonymous said...

This tranfer has more twists and turn's than an Agatha Christy story.
Do not think it's cut and dried either and guess there are some frantic negogiations behind the curtain after his agent threw a hand grenade into the mix.
Either way we seem to be giving it our best shot.
Its all good knockabout fun and we are perhaps the only club in the world where the transfer window generates such exitement.
We are playing on the world stage, its a far cry from our position this time last year.
Enjoy the ride, certain if this bid fall's apart the owners have a plan B player in mind and we are off on the roller coaster again.

trinder said...

I hope Jaime and Lee1pen are right, though scheduling a press conference seems a strange move if he's going to leave. Then again, the silence from City over the matter could hint at a deal having been reached but not yet signed, and this is Eto'o's last attempt to get as good a deal (or as close a deal) from Barca where he'd surely rather remain. Remember how quickly City announced the cessation of the negotiations with Kaka?