Friday, 9 July 2010

Robi for Ibra?

This is a rumour that has been all over the Catalan press in recent days, and today it makes its way into the Manchester Evening News: a deal with Barcelona where we get Zlatan Ibrahimovic in exchange for Robinho and some cash.

The M.E.N. story says that Mancini is so much of a fan he would be willing to pay '£15m plus' on top of Robinho. This is even higher than was reported in El Mundo Deportivo yesterday - €10-15m (£8.4-£12.5m). There is certainly enough to make us believe something in this story.

We are actively and openly seeking to offload Robinho, and Barcelona could do with someone who plays on the left of a front three. Barcelona are not as keen to offload Ibra are as we are to sell Robi but his debut season at the Nou Camp was fairly mixed and he's not obviously in their best starting eleven. City are on the lookout for someone new to lead the line and Mancini had real success managing Ibrahimovic for Milan. The clubs could certainly reach a deal. The sticking point to me seems to be Ibrahimovic's willingness to join a team of our stature.

I'm afraid I am, like most English fans, an Ibra-sceptic. It doesn't need to be stated how talented he is, but I think there are legitimate questions to be asked over his reliability, his consistency and his application. Like Danny, I'm not convinced he's a natural partner for Carlos Tévez. And that, for me, is the main test we should apply in our search for a new centre forward.


Anonymous said...

I think Mancini might be planning for life without Tevez. As he said at the end of last season you can leave if you're not happy. I think he would prefer "his people" ie Ibrah, Balotelli and prob. Dzeko.
There was a report he had offered Tevez to Inter as part of the Balotelli swap, I dont really go for this but there have been big noises Mourinho is after Tevez. Neither Mancini or Tevez speak good English and there relationship doesnt seem good!

Grumpy said...

"Neither Mancini or Tevez speak good English and there relationship..."

Oh the irony.

simon said...

We may end up swapping one greedy temperamental show pony for another, more expensive one. Would this be good business.

trinder said...

My favourite Ibra stat is that he has won seven titles in the last eight years. That he did this playing for four clubs in three countries, and that he missed the eighth title by a point, makes it even more impressive. He's a talisman, a hugely talented and successful player who would light up Eastlands.

But I'd still take Dzeko first, based on age and attitude.