Saturday, 17 July 2010

Lombardo joins the staff

Another addition to the coaching staff at City, and another member of that early 1990s Sampdoria side: Attilio Lombardo.

It's perfectly understandable that Roberto Mancini would seek to bring in those he knows and trusts to work for him. Lombardo and Platt combine that relationship with Mancini with an understanding of the English game (of obviously varying degrees) and thus are perfect fits.

This does strengthen my belief that Brian Kidd is being marginalised at the club. Don't forget that the Mancini/Kidd partnership was created by Garry Cook and Brian Marwood in the chaos of last Christmas, and that Mancini had since brought in five of his own men: Fausto Salsano, Ivan Carminati and Massimo Battara last December, with David Platt and Attilio Lombardo.

I'm not predicting Kidd is soon to be sacked, but there is a finite number of tasks and a finite amount of authority in managing and coaching a football team, and every new addition must necessarily detract from Kidd's power base.

Just a thought.


guleed said...

I agree with 潘凱花潘凱花, you are spot on mate.

jockblue said...

I hear stories that Kidd isn't well again, and has been reducing his duties gradually at the club. Hope the story is wrong obviously, but goes a long way towards explaining why new coaches are coming in.