Friday, 23 July 2010

MCFC's Spanish Harlem incident

Well, I've been waiting for that one for a good few years.

But City were in Manhattan yesterday, to open a synthetic football pitch on the roof of Spanish Harlem's Lexington Academy. It's on the top of a six storey building, which is the only place local schoolchildren can really play football given the nature of the area.

So it's a genuinely charitable act and something MCFC - and the UAE Embassy in the US who also paid for it - can be proud of. Like a lot of stuff that City do - the deal with Hyde FC, CITC and so forth - of course good PR is some motivation for it. But just because it is part of the motivation does not mean that it is the only motivation, nor that the act itself is worthless.

I was going to close this post with a YouTube of this which is probably my favourite ever Dylan song. But I can't find one. So you'll have to buy it off iTunes or something.

UPDATE: Tim Jocys sent me this. It's the song, with some fairly strange imagery to accompany it.

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Grumpy said...

Rooftop pitch...

Whoever has to fetch the ball when it goes out of play will end up fitter than a butcher's dog.