Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Cook speaks

The first noise for some time from our CEO. He seems to be making fewer public pronouncements since the failed Kaká deal:
"There was a buzz about the place when we played Arsenal. Everybody's expectations were high but we got disjointed a little bit," Cook told The National.

"We lost Adebayor for a little bit and then international games broke our momentum up.

"Since then we have had a couple of games where we thought we could have probably come away with a better result but that is the way it works."
As ever with these things, the interest is not so much in the comments themselves (there is nothing here to disagree with) but in their existence. It is generally a surprise to hear people from the non-football side of the club talking about football issues. But when compared to the public spats between Shinawatra and Eriksson this is nothing to worry about.

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Tombola said...

The fewer public statements that clown makes the better I reckon.