Sunday, 12 December 2010

Tévez, etc

Just when things were starting to look really rather promising, this happens.

It's a disappointment, certainly. The timing is a surprise. It's not exactly the behaviour you'd want from a club captain; I don't think it's what Scott of the Antarctic would have done.

That said, if you didn't think that Tévez was a disagreeable individual, bolshy, abrasive, volatile, and under the thumb of Kia Joorabchian then, well, you hadn't really been paying attention. I don't think we can have too many complaints, either. If Tévez was more like, say, James Milner then he'd still be a squad player at United. Those very qualities that propelled him out of United and towards City are the very same ones we're being stung by now. Those that live by the sword, etc.

I'm not entirely sure how this will play out. It's not obvious to me that this isn't just a Rooney-style play for more money. Note City's suggestions that he'd been asking for a new contract. If it is then he's not the first player to hold City to ransom (I think the man that opened the scoring on Saturday earns a bit), and I'm sure that we'll do the decent thing and pay up. That's not to say that I don't think he's homesick, and that he doesn't want to go back to Buenos Aires, I'm sure he does, but just that selling him to Boca Juniors looks very unlikely from here.

Option 3 is that he finds playing under Roberto Mancini so anathema that he wants to go to Real Madrid or Inter. Maybe, maybe not. Madrid is a plausible destination, given Gonzalo Higuaín's injury, but if he doesn't like Mancini I can't see him getting on under Rafa Benítez. Moreover, I'm just not sure his relationship with Mancini is quite that bad. His record under him has been exceptional, and clearly plays hard for the manager. His two best mates, Pablo Zabaleta and David Silva, have been playing very good football for the last month or two, and have demonstrably good relations with the boss. There's no question of an anti-managerial clique, led by Tévez, as there was with the Robinho/Hughes relationship.

I'm not going to go so far as to predict that he'll stay at City, but that's not obviously a much less likely outcome than any other scenario right now. I'm sure there will be another statement from the player this week, and then an answer, one way or the other, before Christmas. I do think, though, that this has shown Mancini's decision to make him captain to have failed. The logic was sound enough but clearly the armband itself is insufficient in inducing Carlos to conduct himself like an adult. So, like Danny, I would not be surprised to see it change - either reverting to Kolo, which would be fair enough, or switching to Vincent Kompany, who would be perfect in the role.

However it turns out, though, it's a shame and a disappointment when things were otherwise looking up. More later in the week, I'm sure.


Trevbrierley said...

Tevez has dug a hole and the club have kicked him into it. I would strip him of the captaincy & drop him to the bench. He can still play up to 45 mins. If he doesn't come to his senses drop him to the reserves & sell in the summer.

Paying him more money would be indecent not decent!

Jeff said...

Real Madrid has to be tapping him up.

Anonymous said...

Jack, it's hard to find the right words for asituation as unexpected and thought-provoking as this one, but you have done just that. We're all in a state of shock about the timing, but I agree that a close analysis of his character (and that of Joorabchian) would have given us a clue.

Top point about the James Milner comparison. Sums up the situation perfectly.

My guess is that we'll force him to stay till the summer, then let him go.

But what difference does it make to Carlos if he doesn't get on with Cook, which in itself is a stupid point to make and an easy way out. It would be Joorabchian who deals with Cook, not Tévez.

trinder said...

And if they have Jeff, let's take €70m or some of their youngsters or tell them to vete a la verga. Ozil + Higuaín should fill the gap.

Anonymous said...

Tevez is very proud, a born winner and I think he doesnt relish the prospect of "just Champions League qualification" as an achievable target for us this season. He wants to be winning the champions league and what is more he wants to be scoring the winning goal in the final. He cant bear to be on the bench or in the shadows he wants public adulation and glory now! When he moved from Utd he didnt realise the bad blood his transfer would create The United fans hated the poster and his new City image. Living in Manchester the bad blood is on his doorstep.
Although his distant family, his English communication problems, the fractious relations with Mancini and his scheming agent may all be factors the bottom line is he is depressed and wants a fresh start in a sunnier climate where there is a liklihood of Champions League glory.
I only hope if he goes to Real, he doesnt return to Utd with Mourinho when Fergie retires. That would be too much to bear.

pjdemers said...

It gives me absolutely no joy to say this but he has to go. There is no way this ends well for City. Perhaps the club can give him "compassionate leave" while behind closed doors they can play hardball with Joorabchian and make him buy out his contract. Tevez is a wonderful talent but he is also a diva who needs to sort out his personal life and submerge his ego. The club need to put this issue to bed and fast. Janauary or June he's as good as gone as far as I can see.

Wooderbeen said...

I wish him well, whatever happens. I'm not sure why footballers are held to a higher standard than anyone else. I've been in a job that I hate and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, least of all a guy who has ran himself ragged to help get my club into second in the league.

Thanks Carlos and good luck.

jackblue said...

Spot on Jack! Trust City to have the only Apache who runs away at the first sign of trouble!

Anonymous said...

tevez's behaviour has been unacceptable for some time. i strongly suspect tevez manufactured his one-match suspension to avoid facing west ham. that is the mark of a selfish man, not the behaviour of the club captain. goodbye tevez. take your dummy elsewhere.

Mark the Spark said...

He can go. It will be devastating to lose him. And maybe this will kill our chances of winning the league this season but I'd rather have lads who want to be here. Go out and get another striker in January and let's move on.

And lets never bring another Rag in here again.

RENATO said...

Rumours here in Italy show Moratti and next manager at Inter - Benitez will be sacked very early! - have agreed in the last days terms for a new contract with mr Kia. So we'll see Carlos leave to Italy on next summer, even if Inter actually hasn't so much money to pay City! CTWD - RENATO

trinder said...

As The Fiver points out, a move to Milan would take Carlos 7.6 miles nearer home. But then maybe homesickness isn't really the problem.