Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Edin Džeko's Christmas letter

I know the letter was written earlier in the season. I know that Džeko, a Bosnian Muslim, doesn't celebrate Christmas. But there's still something charmingly festive about Edin Džeko writing to City asking for us to buy him, as reported in today's Mail and Guardian.

It could not have been too different from the letter some of us wrote to Father Christmas in Decembers past. Dear Garry Cook, it might have started, This year I've been a very good boy, I've scored 56 in 81 in the Bundesliga in the last two and a half years (73 in 102 in all competitions!), and what I really want for Christmas this year is a transfer to your club, because, well, I've always been a big fan and when I was growing up in Sarajevo I used to watch the 'FA Carling Premiership' on television and I saw Niall Quinn flicking it on to Paul Walsh and thought - that is the sort of centre forward I wanted to become. So, Garry Cook, please fulfil my Christmas wish and bring me to City.

Or something like that. We've certainly been interested in Džeko before, and we went in for him in the summer. Nothing came of it, and I presumed that was because he'd rather a move to Italy or Spain. But if he is as interested in City as this suggests, well, that's a big deal. It's a particularly pleasing piece of news because, as you might have noticed, the future of Carlos Tévez as a Manchester City player is not too secure at the moment. We're certainly going to be looking to pick someone up in the transfer window, we've made advances in this direction before, and now it looks as if things might be a touch more mutual than we first imagined. Forgive me if I buy myself a DZEKO replica shirt for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Fair enough on the shirt Jack but don't be getting that tattoo done just yet!

After all the Tevez nonsense this has really cheered me up. Dzeko, with or without Tevez can do for us what Chamakh's been doing for Arsenal, but better.

What odds on him scoring our 1st headed goal of the season against Wolves or even at the Emirates..??

*When you wish upon a star....

jackblue said...

When you watch Dzeko play you can see that he is made for the Prem. Reminds me of a Shearer or similar. The only 'power' striker we have had in the last 20 years was Rosler. It's about time we had another!

Jeff said...

Is this really that believable? Who writes to clubs and why is this coming out right now, in mid-December? Would love the guy, but I'm skeptical and would rather see quotes from the man himself.

Anonymous said...

The bookies think Dzeko coming to City is a cert!
One thing about the Tevez/Adebayor unrest is it should lead to us getting 2 new top quality strikers at the moment we dont have any happy and decent strikers!