Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Everton player ratings

Hart Not at fault for the first goal, might just have done better with Baines's though with Milner so relaxed about his getting away a shot with his right foot I suppose Hart can't blamed for being unprepared. 6

Zabaleta Took an early knock, and had he been on the pitch it's possible he might have helped block off Baines' shot. Once we were 2-0 down he was good, but not necessarily what we were looking for: maybe the pace of Boateng would have been a better option, as we struggled to create from wide. 6

Kolo Touré
Let Cahill in for the first goal, which is where our problems started. The sort of abject decision-making that characterised his first year at City but not, fortunately, his second. After then a quiet game, but the damage was done. Silly red card. 4

Not directly responsible for either goal, but he played well enough. Resisted the temptation to go direct, still completing 74 from 78 attempted passes. Should, by rights, have been captain. 6

Purposeful going forward, and a very clean striker of the ball. Takes corners better than anyone at the club. But his allowing Seamus Coleman to put that early cross in was a mistake that cost us seriously. I still like him, mind. 5

Playing alongside Barry in 4-2-3-1, he had enough of the ball but picking incisive passes and setting the tempo isn't really his game. Withdrawn at half-time for Adam Johnson. 4

One of the few players willing to pick the tempo up, he was busy and effective, making tackles, moving the ball along, and showing for it from his team-mates. 77 from 91 attempted passes shows just how active he was, which isn't always like him. 7

Faced with nine players packed across the Everton box, he was denied the pockets of space he needs to make things happen. Still technically excellent, of course, and he did some things very well. But he couldn't quite break through Everton's lines. 6

Yaya Touré
A pasing map like Barry's or Silva's - lots of the ball in central areas (67/77) - and some intelligent play but never really that much incision. No room for those bounding runs of his. Made our goal, though, his shot deflecting in off Phil Jagielka. 6

Not one of his best performances so far. Hit the post in the second half, but much of his play was skittish and poorly thought through. Not convinced he'll play up in Newcastle. 5

Still playing, still captain, and will be for a while it seems. I was expecting some drama from him tonight, but this was low-key. Tested Howard in stoppage time but there wasn't too much else. Seemes strange to say given his record but I imagine he needs a goal to re-settle him. 6


Some spark (more than Milner, certainly), though he didn't turn the game as he has in similar circumstances before. I'd like to see him start agains Newcastle and/or Blackpool, ahead of Milner, Balotelli or Jô. 6

Hid a hand-ball claim from Peter Walton. n/a


Blue Phoenix - Moving on up! said...

For the most part the hardest working side defensively we have come up against.

Every man behind the ball, sat in their seats, the conductor was happy with his ticket count and the driver was revving his engine up on his trusty double decker.

Balotelli failed to excite, Tevez hardly got warm underneath his snood. Silva was the most creative, Zabaletta was the hardest working. Kolarov gave them some problems, Vinny was just not himself.

I think Zabaletta was a 7 and I agree Barry did put a shift in aswell.

The tactics let us down though, we were too narrow with left footers on the right and right footers on the left that just added to our lack of width as they cut in time and time again.

Why didn't we go left more often, the ball was on the right wing for most of it.

We need to improve and improve drastically to break these sort of bus parking sides down.

Got to give it to them though they scored more.

trinder said...

It was so very clear from this game that we need someone who can head the ball in the opposition box. With Santa Cruz and Adebayor completely out of favour, it has to point towards a huge push for Dzeko.

But we knew that already, didn't we?