Tuesday, 14 December 2010

More on Tévez

A few days into what looks increasingly like our annual Christmas crisis, and the future of Carlos Tévez looks only marginally clearer. There have been two material developments of note: a statement issued by Tévez's camp on Sunday night, and his return to Carrington this morning.

The statement, in which he says his "relationship with certain executives and individuals at the club has broken down and is now beyond repair", was not the statement of a man bluffing his way to a new contract. Rather, his ever-changing rationale for his desire to leave smacks of a man desperate to get out of Manchester as quickly as possible. As every schoolboy who hasn't done his Physics homework knows, one excuse is better than many. So for Tévez to change his target from Roberto Mancini to Garry Cook and Brian Marwood does rather lessen the credibility of his critique.

Having seen this on Sunday, I presumed we'd seen the last of him at City. But he has attended training today, perhaps in the light of news that the club would take him and Kia Joorabchian to court should he go all Bob Crow on us. While I'm increasingly sure that he's going to leave, it does sound as if Real Madrid (by far his most plausible destination), will not pay for him in January. That being the case, we might well have a disgruntled Tévez, naturally stripped of the armband and back in the ranks, shuffling around until June. This wouldn't be an obviously bad outcome, he played some good football while in his final months at Old Trafford. It would also allow us to take more time over the selection and recruitment of his replacement. If the club don't want that (as would be very understandable) then he can be loaned back to Boca Juniors for a few months, as Robinho was this time last year.

So most of the possible outcomes are still in play, although I do think his staying here long term is a real long-shot now. Mancini will speak with him on Friday when the team return from Turin.


marty said...

He arrived under a cloud and he will depart in the same way. Assuming the club is now stepping us its search for strikers, I'd prefer it he went sooner rather than later. I'm tired of listening to his mad rants. The last thing the club needs now is a lengthy public slanging match. Get rid, get the squad refocused and move on.

jackblue said...

Changes changes his reasons more often than his socks, proving that he is a liar. You cannot negotiate with a liar so dump him. Better still loan him to some 3rd division team in some swamp in Argentina. Just get rid.

Blue Phoenix - Moving on up! said...

I hadn't thought about the prospect of him being loaned out, its certainly an option for us and him however I would prefer him to dedicate himself in the second half of the season as I feel no club out there can afford him at this time and they are unlikely to be able to pay him what he's on here. A pay cut won't affect him as much as most of us though and I have taken a pay cut to leave a job I didn't like.

On the issue of a replacement I think we should make a move in January or unless Mancini feels he can get some of the current crop to fill in. Luckily we have a team full of great players who it seems are willing to step up to the block and make Tevez look like another Jo, no pun intended I think Jo will come good.

The way I see it we need to downsize the team in certain ranks as some of them are not, or haven't been able to perform. I wish that RSC could get his chance, this would also please Tevez and make him less bitter than her is.

Mancini appears to be a master of playing players in their best positions. Take Vinny, from midfield to defence, and Jo from Striker to wing twice now, and Yaya from Defensive midfield to Attacking midfield. He is also bringing in some very good players that are starting to simmer a little and we can see how good they are. Assulin looks a handful but the premier league will challenge him so we will see. Even Davis Silva who was ordinarily a left winger who comes inside appears to be playing in the middle of the park. I could see Milner as a striker and AJ playing favourably in that position but cutting in from the hole. Balotelli might be back out on the wing and RSC could be in net, you never know but everything I am seeing I like it.

I have full confidence in Bobby Manc to solve the problems and should be decide to bring in Dzeko to warm him up for next season in January I would be equally pleased with that.

Come on City, it's only Tevez, and by the sounds of his rantings some times he's still a red and a west ham player. Are they still paying him or what?

Happy Christmas blues!

rasaprema said...

He's overrated. Yes, good but not world class and never will be. He's too short to ever be a world class striker. This season this shortfall of Tevez has been obvious in a number of games. The big managers of big clubs know this, and you will see that the big managers are reluctant to sign him.
So get shut of him; he's also, with his history, a little stupid and hard-headed in the extreme. So the history is the same in all the clubs he has been. But now he's been found out, the world knows. So expect only a reluctant market looking for a bargain on a questionable personality.
Yes, questionable. Look: Bad relationship with his "wife". Why doesn't she live with him? Its more than the weather. Trouble with management in S. America. Then West Ham, then United, now City. And in all cases, it's problems with people.
He can't relate to people, having big ego problems. The best thing City could do is stick him in the reserves for a season or two so he might realise he's not the center of the universe.

dajd1984 said...

Except he doesn't have problems with people at city... it's clearly Kia Joorabchian that has the problem with Garry Cook.

And final point... too small to be world class??? Heard of Messi?!