Friday, 3 September 2010

Spirit and loyalty

Two players who left City over the summer have criticised the spirit within the club this week. First Martin Petrov:
"I went to see Mancini in January to ask about my future because my contract was up in June. He said it wasn't the right time and 'let's talk in two weeks' but after that there was nothing. Nobody spoke to me about my future again. Nobody looked me in the eyes and said: 'Martin, thank you for your time, you are a very professional player.'

"It surprised me. I am not an 18-year-old, I am a 31-year-old who has played in different countries and for my national team, so I think that I have a reasonably good name and deserved to hear something."
And then Benjani:
"It sounds great, but in football money is not everything. What is needed is people who can hang around and love you to be there.

"Sometimes you are loved to be there because of money, which is not good. I would prefer to be here without having all those facilities, be happy and trust everyone around you."

Asked if he thought some players at City were interested in money more than anything else, Benjani said: "Yes, it seemed like that and behind the scenes, there is no trust. I would prefer to play for a club where you are being trusted and you trust everyone around you."
This can't be too much of a surprise.


Rob said...

Petrov can't seem to make his mind up about whether City actually offered him a contract or not. Benjani's comments are ironic considering he admitted joining City for the £, and then turned down Hull last season because of it.

Both are bitter about being moved on. That's football, I'm afraid.

jackblue said...

I'm looking forward to their inauguration into the Hall of Legends.