Monday, 6 September 2010

'Neither Hughes nor Mancini understood me'

Robinho has spoken even more freely than usual about his time at City:
"Neither Hughes nor Mancini understood me. Perhaps they only believed in the sporting side of things but that wasn't enough for me. There was a lack of contact between the players and the club.

"It was much like an office - to training and goodbye, to a match and goodbye. I am Brazilian and I can't offer my best performance if I'm not happy in every aspect of life. That was my problem. I am a special footballer and I need to be happy when I'm playing."
Well, maybe it was. There were times when I saw Robinho play for Brazil and thought that his failure to really do what he could for City was our fault. But then I can't bring myself to blame Mark Hughes or Roberto Mancini for not indulging Robinho to the extent that he wanted. They could have bent over backwards for Robinho but I still don't think it would have satisfied him. Because ultimately I don't think that Robinho is cut out for club football, or at least, football at a high-level results-driven European club. The fact that he has forced moves from the clubs he has played at so far says a lot.

I'd love to see him do well at Milan, and hope he finds a more accommodating atmosphere. But I don't feel any sense of regret that we didn't make things easier for him.

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