Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Caicedo goes, RSC stays

Even with the departure of Robinho and the bizarre retention of Jô we still had two unsettled South American strikers at the club yesterday evening.

Felipe Caicedo, who had been set for West Ham United before they pulled out of a loan deal, moved on loan to Levante, where he will team up with Premier League winner Asier del Horno and Dennis Wise favourite Iganico González.

Roque Santa Cruz was set to team up with Javi Garrido at Lazio but that fell through. So he'll now be staying at City and fighting for his place:
“I have heard from the manager he won’t be counting on me too much,” Santa Cruz said. “I heard that a week before the season and I had time to see if I could arrange a move.

“But in the end the club were happy to keep me and they weren’t happy with anything that came through.

“Now I’ll try and prove myself in training and I’m looking forward to taking my chances.”
I can't see him playing too much.


jackblue said...

If Jo can get a game RSC has a great chance .. even I have a great chance and I'm 65!

Grumpy said...

Is Crocky 100% fit yet? I knew he had a long-term injury when he was signed, but I seem to recall he's never been 100%.

I'd settle for the player he was at Blackburn, BITD.

pjdemers said...

I'm know I'm well in the minority on this, but if RSC can get back to match fitness I can see him easily over taking Jo and challenging Adebayor. A healthy RSC is a very good player: good technical skill, excellent off the ball running, good penalty box instincts, and importantly, a striker who looks to play his teammates in quickly in the final third. We saw some glimpses of his Blackburn form last season, particularly in the 4-3 home win over Sunderland. Key word though is 100% match fitness. Still, an unfairly maligned player.