Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Leicester player ratings

Hart Another two goals conceded, taking it to seven in the last three games. (The previous seven goals we conceded took 14 games to go in). Can't find too much fault though; could do nothing with the penalty, or really with the second either. Box command improved from the Wolves game, too. 6

Zabaleta Probably surprised by the early Leicester expansion, and was doubled up against a few times. But his positioning was fairly good, and he made most of his tackles. Useful going forward, including the run to the byline and pull-back for Vieira's goal. 7

Kompany Must wonder what is happening around him. Had one hairy moment, from which he admirably rescued himself. Otherwise a decent game. On a better day might have done better for Dyer's goal. 6

Lescott Not as secure as one would hope, had some difficult moments, including for at least one of the Leicester goals if not both. 5

Kolarov With David Silva nominally playing on the left, Kolarov obviously has an important role to provide width. He did that well, and more and more of our attacks have him involved. His debut City goal, which had been on its way for months, came at the end, firing in precisely from distance. Clearly in the Jensen/Tarnat/Garrido tradition of left-backs with a good shot on them. 7

Vieira I just don't think he's got the fitness for this anymore. Or, maybe, not for starting games against energetic enthusiastic teams. He was overrun in midfield, and while Yaya and Milner have to bear some responsibility for this, the gap in competence between Vieira and Nigel de Jong is astonishing. Scored a tap-in, but that's not really the point. 5

Milner Useful at filling in gaps when other midfielders went forward. His passing was fine, and he got forward at useful moments. Looked fit towards the end of the game, which might be a function of his being on the bench a lot as much as anything else. 6

Yaya Touré Did not get to change the world going forward, rather spending most of his time in midfield, keeping attacks going and all that. Got a shot away with his left foot, straight at the keeper. 6

Silva On his way back from injury, so only got an hour of play, but had a part in our second and third goals. Got the shot away which led to Vieira's, and played that perfect pass through to Johnson for the third. Not always involved in the game, but not much less sharp than before. 7

Tévez Has clearly reacted to the signing of Edin Dzeko in the best possible way, with a series of performances reminding everyone just how important he is to us. He was huge in this game, just as he was against Arsenal, Leicester and Wolves. He carved the first goal out of nowhere, as he does, and then created the second with a through ball as good as anything David Silva has done this year. He won (and missed) a second half penalty but caused problems all evening. 8

Johnson Played wide and high on the right, to stretch the play. Got in behind once early on, and shot at the keeper. Later in the first half, in a similar position, he took his time and finished well. Otherwise had a decent game, including the crucial decision not to pass to Jô in the build-up to Kolarov's goal. 7


Barry Did some things well enough in midfield. 6

Jo Not obviously terrible, but only because of limited time on the pitch. n/a

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Shame Edin wasn't able to play...