Thursday, 6 January 2011

Arsenal player ratings

Hart Some important early saves - the best being when he went low, down, back across himself to stop Jack Wilshere's shot. There was another important save from Robin van Persie in the second half, which looiked even better than it was (and it was fairly good itself). Not as much of the lone hero as he was at White Hart Lane, but good nonetheless. 7

Zabaleta Competent, resilient, determined, assertive and with a touch of confrontation: this was echt Zabaleta. Had a difficult start (who didn't?), but he grew into the game played perfectly as Arsenal tried to put Theo Walcott in behind him. He made six tackles (from six attempted), and six interceptions too; it was as good a defensive display as we've seen from a City full-back for some time. Was later sent off after a confrontation with Sagna. Might well get off on appeal. 8

Kolo Touré Back in the team after three out. Had to settle but after that he was excellent, winning seven of eight tackles. Some of it had to be fairly desperate, but that's the way of these things. Just as good as he was at Spurs. 7

Kompany Didn't give away a penalty, as he did at Eastlands, and was very calm and precise throughout. Won all five tackles that he went for, and was the towering centre-piece of the thwarting of Arsenal that only really began in earnest 25 minutes in. 8

Richards Did his own share of defending, after being taunted by Samir Nasri for the first session. Did as much attacking as he was allowed to, without ever quite battering himself the space that he needed. 7

de Jong One early booking inhibited him, so he had to play within himself; making just one successful tackle. That said, his positioning was good as he tried to stay goal side of the ball wherever possible. Passing limited (22/27) - we barely got the ball, in fairness. 6

Barry Like de Jong, an early yellow limited what he could do, but he continued to work hard. Showed well for the ball from the defenders, but could not really execute his role as chief distributor - completing 37 from 53 passes, and usually giving it away whenever he looked forward. 6

Milner Covered as much ground as anyone, tracking up and down the right flank (with a brief spell on the left). Never had the spark in the final third, and couldn't always maintain attacks' momentum, but he played with some intelligence and a lot of grit. 6

Yaya Touré If only he were a defensive midfielder! There was some exciting moments yesterday - he is an unparalleled ball-carrier from central midfield in the Premier League, and did so well, a few times yesterday. But we needed bodies in the middle to stem Arsenal and too often he was absent, stranded in the final third. Even when he did get goal side he didn't put pressure on the ball. Yes, he did look tired. But then he should learn to distribute his energy levels more intelligently. For £220,000 per week, I don't think that tracking back is too much to ask. 5

Preferred on the left wing - for his height, I imagine - with predictable consequences. The tactic was to have Joe Hart fire kicks to his namesake, but it fell down on Jô's inability to head the ball or hold it up. He gave Tévez no support - except for one decent ball through to him down the channel, and didn't carry the ball on the break. His highlight was going down clutching his face for over one minute after a very light collision. (Like against Juventus, but worse). 3

Tévez Had one chance - a volley from an angle on the break. It would have been an achievement merely to get it on target. His hold-up and link-up play was excellent, though, particularly in the second half when the other players were tiring. We might not have been able to do it without him. 7


A. Johnson Should have started, really. Played fairly well when he came on, doing some defensive work and carrying the ball on the break. No penetration but, well, he wasn't the only 0ne. 6

Boateng Only came on for the final minute. Made a tackle I think. n/a


GauchoJogaBonito said...

A 3 for Jo?

Give me a break.

5 at least.

Rios Dos Santos said...

I was at the game but Jo was pretty poor. As jack says he was there to get on the end of goal kicks - which he failed to do most of the time - and apart from one nice ball through to Tevez he didn't have much to show at all... no strength or pace or support for Tevez.

Barry's distribution was terrible and frustrating giving the ball away to a team like Arsenal over and over.

Otherwise excellent defensive performance by City.
Zaba was great and we're starting to look more like a solid unit!

cb7 said...

please that was a woeful performance by a £200m team, absolute disgrace!

joseph burrell said...

I agree with GauchoJogaBonito, how could you give Jo only 3 on that match??? I as a pay per head bookie I would have given him an 7 very easily