Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wolves reax

David Instone, Independent on Sunday
If this was all Mancini's side could manage by way of a response to being dismantled by Arsenal last Sunday, the threat they offer to Chelsea, Manchester United and the rest for the foreseeable future is thin indeed. So deserving were Wolves of their first League victorysince the opening afternoon of the season that they had all the game's best performers and take all the plaudits. One place off the bottom they remain, but they, in particular the surprise England candidate Matt Jarvis, ran the legs off City's defenders.
Sandy Macaskill, Sunday Telegraph
If Manchester City want to be taken seriously as top four, let alone title, contenders, this is the sort of match they needed not only to win, but win convincingly. It started promisingly, Emmanuel Adebayor scoring his first Premier League goal of the season, but then ran into a brick wall of their own construction, allowing Nenad Milijas and Dave Edwards to capitalise, and leaving Roberto Mancini so hot under the collar he took off his infamous scarf.
Danny Pugsley, Bitter and Blue
The bedrocks of the season so far - a solid central defensive partnership and a dominant midfield trio were nowhere to be seen. Although Kolo Toure returned to partner Vincent Kompany, they lacked the authority and presence shown in games earlier in the season when they posted a series of clean sheet. In midfield, without Nigel de Jong the trio looked completely overwhelmed by their counterparts. Yaya Toure and Gareth Barry in particular lacked any sort of poise and presence, allowing Wolves to continually maraud down the wings to great effect, with both Micah Richards and Jerome Boateng having a torrid afternoon.


jackblue said...

Losing to a bottom 3 team, mmm I know what to do. Take off Adebayor (who is playing well but I didnt buy)and leave on Balotelli (who is having a sorry first start - but I did buy him) and bring on a fullback. Simple.
Come back George Poyser all is forgiven!

StanMCFC said...

Vibes from dressing room not sounding good. Have to say i was one of those unconvinced about Hughes - and thought that Mancini was a step forward.

It now seems obvious, however, he lacks the man management skills to get the best out of a squad that's full of highly paid individuals who all want to play every week.

Think it's too simplistic to say that the players are prima donnas and should do what they're told. Respect still needs to be earned by the manager and that commodity can't be bought.

(Hope I'm wrong about this and Mancini can win back the dressing room if he has indeed lost it.)

I do think Mancini has been more consistent in the transfer market (less duff buys than his predecessor) but can't see the point of Ya Ya Toure on such a massive salary when we already had cover in his position.

For me, we need to go far more attacking: play NDJ in the holding role, drop Barry and Y Toure, put Milner in the centre (which still gives us a combative and hardworking midfield), play SWP/Silva and Johnson wide and Tevez and AN Other up front.

Or a more defensive version, play one up front ie Tevez with Silva behind him in a free role so at least we have some creativity in the team.

Adam said...

Mancini had a bad day at the office on Saturday - he got the tactics all wrong. All managers have them, but the best ones learn.

I like Mancini because he looks like he is learning all the time. His man management skills are much better than what he is given credit for: Tevez for Toure as captain was a masterstroke that no-one else would have thought of - Toure's performances have improved hugely (I think) as a result of it. Whilst bringing in Vieira was another canny move with Richards looking an improved player and much more sensible character this season.

Mancini's biggest man management task now will be to rein in the egos of Hart and Johnson.