Sunday, 17 October 2010

Blackpool player ratings

Hart A few saves, and powerless with either goal. Quite liked his proactive distribution today, too. 6

Boateng His third consecutive start and possibly his most assured performance. We're yet to see the buccaneering runs of the World Cup but that will come in time. He was put in more two-on-one situations than he ought to have been but coped as well as can be expected. 6

Kompany I think I'm still waiting for him to make a major mistake this season. He was excellent, again, winning four tackles and five interceptions. His reading of the game is so intuitive he almost doesn't need to be as exceptional an athlete and technician as he is. 7

Generally good but one mis-step when he abandoned DJ Campbell to help out Kompany, leaving his man free in the box. Campbell's skewed finish was a gift. Tidy in possesion: 19/19 passes completed. 6

His first start in a month, and first Premier League start of the season. It would be kind to say that he looked out of match practice, but a fully-fit Bridge has been known to make mistakes too. He was caught on his heels a few times, gave away the free-kick we conceded from, and often lost out physically. Inventive in the final third, though. 5

A. Johnson
Restored to the starting eleven, but this was not a vindicatory performance. He glimmered, now and then, and might have threatened, but nothing quite came off for him. Caught offside a few times. 6

de Jong
Understandably inhibited given recent events. He was clearly reticent about sliding in on Charlie Adam, which was good in a moral sense but actually made us less effective in the midfield battle. 5

Had to do lots more work today, not just because of the formation but also because of de Jong. He made five important tackles and was neat in possession (26/29), although was certainly not the best midfielder on show. 6

Milner I thought he was good today. Quite adaptable, even when stuck out on the left. He chased back, he swung crosses in, he ran at his man. His neat back-heel to Silva was nice answer to those who question his subtlety. 7

Tévez What more is there to say? Time and time again he bails us out. Yes, Silva's cross was good and yes Carlos was off-side but that flicked finish was such a characteristic combination of audacity, bravery and technique from the captain. It's not just that he's an excellent finisher, but his energy and imagination allows him to create chances ex nihilo. Just look at his second, as he robben Evatt and deflected it off Cathcart to put us ahead. Two more goals, three more points: we'd be useless without him. 8

Adebayor First Premier League start of the season, but he didn't look near fit. The ball just bounced off him repeatedly, and he had to drop deep to have any impact. We improved by a distance when Silva came on for him. 4


Silva Came on and changed the game. One lovely assist, one sort of assist and then that Kinkladze-like goal. I think he'll start behind Adebayor on Thursday but his long term role in the side is still not clear, even if his class is. 8

Richards Fifteen minutes at right back, won a header or two, went on a run. Fine. 6

Vieira Did ok for the last few minutes. n/a


hello-biscuit said...

I can see Silva long-term playing behind Tevez as today in a 4-2-3-1 type thing, with freedom to do as he wants. Nice problem to have though. Especially once Balotelli's back...

Incidentally, I can't see a future for Ade in this team. He just doesn't seem to fit into the way Mancini wants the team to play.

trinder said...

We missed YaYa's thrust yesterday. His advanced position and bright running would have occupied Vaughan or stolen Adam's space.