Thursday, 10 March 2011

Dynamo 2 - 0 City

  • Our first meaningful test of the season, and, well, it's like the Peter Crouch game was only yesterday. I know we're in the quarter-final of the FA Cup, and only in the last 16 here, but given the relative quality of the opposition this is at least as good a chance of winning a trophy. And, lest we forget, winning a trophy is what all this money was thrown at.
  • By many measures, this was not our worst performance of the season. I've seen us defend worse, I think, and look likely to score a goal. I'm sure we have kept the ball less well than we did this evening. But as a failure of nerve this was of a standard that they'd been concealing from us since last May. Kyiv were good, certainly the best team we have faced in the Europa League so far and better than most in the Premier League.
  • The overall play was poor, but the goals were just pathetic. The first started with David Silva - usually defensively diligent - allowing a cross to come in from the left. Aleksandar Kolarov and Joleon Lescott left Andrei Shevchenko to each other, and he darted ahead of Joe Hart and scored. We've scored too many soft near post goals this season and this was the worst of them. The second, with 13 minutes left, was even worse. Vincent Kompany got half a header on a cross, and the ball sailed up to Oleh Gusev, who was politely permitted by Micah Richards to volley the ball into the net.
  • Only Joe Hart's legs stopped it from going to 3-0 in the final minutes. Which would have been almost insurmountable. As it is, 2-0 is a horrible score-line - worse than the 3-1 we came back from Hamburg with two years ago. Dynamo are quite clearly an intelligent counter-attacking side, and will quite plausibly score at Eastlands. Should they do so, we would need four goals to progress. And we know how effective we are against well-regimented defences.


alan said...

If we're to be successful this season then we'll need the intensity of performance we showed when beating Chelsea earlier in the season. I don't see the players producing that when having to play twice a week.

If we remain in the Europa and FA Cup then we'll have to play twice a week every week till the end of the season, as I showed here. On current performances we could end up with nothing if we try this. The FA Cup might have tougher opponents but after Sunday, it's only two more games (hopefully).

I'd gladly take the FA Cup and third place, whereas the longer we're in the Europa League the greater the chance of missing out on a Champions League place, and having to go through another managerial change as a result.

It's a tough call, but one Mancini should consider.

alan, Blue Days

joseph burrell said...

oh that was really a sad surprise for me, I did not think City was going to lose that game, and that was not a good day for me at bookmaking :S :S